Monday, December 20, 2010

Thanks to my friends Martine and Josh, my new website is coming along handsomely. I plan to change my domain name from to ( was taken, unfortunately). It might be ready to launch by early January. We'll see.

Anybody out there want to help me write a fresh bio? My old one's gathering moss.

Also, I need to prioritize three good press quotes for my publicity page. I found ten from 2010. Which do you find most compelling?
1. ". . . playful, pugilistic, and part of the deep tradition of troubadours keeping culture alive while pushing the cultural envelope."
360 Main Street (Ryan Wilson)

2. "(Chris Sand) blends and balances rap and country music with a conviction and sophistication that transcends novelty without eschewing levity. . . . Sand’s music saunters, struts and strides through not just musical barriers, but those in age, society, politics, and so many more, one loses count."
Movies on a Big Screen (Galen Howard)

3. " of America’s most unusual entertainers—Sandman, the Rapping Cowboy, a.k.a. Chris Sand. Sand is a true original, one of those charismatic oddballs that populate quirky indie comedies but rarely seem to exist in real life. His music is catchy and fun, his personality is damn near irresistible..."
A.V. Club - Denver (Cory Casciato),47301/

4.". . . how easy it is to go from skepticism to complete admiration for the Rapping Cowboy. Chris “Sandman” Sand matters."
Encore (Justin Lacy)

5. "Sand, a gifted songwriter . . . manages to charm even at his worst."
Memphis Flyer (Chris Herrington)

6. "His music might be an acquired taste, but it’s easy to understand how rappin’ cowboy Chris Sandman’s (sic) irrepressible energy, goofy lyrics and wild showmanship win him followers wherever he goes."
7 x 7

8. "(an) undeniably magnetic and talented character."
A.V. Club - Austin (Joshua Huck),40952/

9. "(Chris Sand) is the classic wandering American minstrel."
Weekly Volcano (Mark Thomas Deming)

10. "his stripped-down sound and unadorned words contain hopeful ingredients most anyone can feel at home with - except maybe in Cincinnati."
The Olympian

Bonus quote (perhaps my favorite):
11. "(Sand) isn't a particularly good musician, but he makes up for it with a huge heart and an eagerness to bridge divides."
The Daily Californian (Max Siegel)


Anonymous said...

I vote you don't change your domain name. is not a good URL. keep the one you have. it's much easier to say and remember. I never remember URL's that end in anything but .com or .net

Chris Sand said...

I plan to keep, as well, but it would redirect to or maybe I'll consider your point, though.

TK said...

I like #2, #4 and either #3 or #9.

Anonymous said...

#2 minus the first sentence; plus 3, 4, and 9

Flying Mermaid said...

First 3 are my top 3.

Anonymous said...

Your domain name. is a poor URL it sounds like Chris and US. Stay with what you got.
Keep rockin.....

Amanda said...

Definitely the first three are the best. My vote is for number two, although the line about you being "damn near irresistible" pretty much sums it up! I also love your current URL. Why change it?