Monday, November 01, 2010

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As you can see, it recently snowed here on Killdeer Mountain with gusts of wind over 50 mph! Now it is beautifully warm and the skies are blue true. Hana and I will be leaving rugged North Dakota on Thursday and be gone for five months. Many adventures to follow.


Flying Mermaid said...

Where to? I'm so glad your sweetie will be with you!

Chris Sand said...

Washington state mostly, but we'd like to go to South America or Asia in February.

Anonymous said...

hey chris,
sorry this is so public, but i just arrived in seattle...oly shortly. and i met this sweet older woman on the train that was bummed that she couldn't get/send a postcard from NoDak (Minot & Dickinson had none).
wondering if you'd like to send her one before you leave...maybe a Roll Out Cowboy one? especially appropriate since you could tell her about Dunn Center's PO, and your 007 song, and an October blizzard, and oil boom. etc.
*yeah, like THIS is an important thing for you to do before leaving tomorrow!
if it happens:
Karen Coryell
316 Main St.
Delta OH 43515

happy trails pard.
i'm gonna be living on joe's boat at tugboat annies!
L.S. Supertramp

Chris Sand said...

post card in the mail! you know i can't resist sweet old ladies....

Anonymous said...

OFF @ OFS soon i see! i've never seen you play at the Capitol Theater before. thanks for sending the postcard too...see you out in Oly. you should put your film festival appearances on your webpage (or is that part broken?)

Chris Sand said...

that part's broken.