Saturday, October 16, 2010

North Dakota's pelicans have been migrating south this week. Thousands have been passing over both the Killdeer Mountain and my Dunn Center house. Legions of large dragonflies appear to also be vamoosing southerly. They were followed a day later by clouds of fat ravens. All the bats are gone.

I've been hearing the bugles of elk lately and see their droppings around. Yesterday morning I came across a bevy of sharp-tailed grouse and some partridges. I've never seen them up here on the mountain before.

By the way, Hana and I--mostly she, while I was trucking--repainted the bunkhouse, cabin, and barn red two weeks ago!! Took us seventy-eight hours.

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Flying Mermaid said...

I'm in NYC now, and this post, though sent from somewhere pretty dissimilar to my desert, is making me very homesick for the wilderness!