Monday, August 23, 2010

Just played a midnight show at Alma Stevens' farm outside of Bergen, ND. Alma is the 90-year-old, 100% Norwegian grandmother of my pal Alex Stevens. I met her at a Rhubarb Festival that I played at in Bismarck a few years back, and she's been a big fan ever since. Her favorite four musicians, she says, are George Strait, Chuck Suchy, Daniel O'Donnell, and myself.

The Stevens' are having their annual family reunion. They're all night owls, so I played from midnight 'til 2 a.m. and then I ate supper. For breakfast they fed Hana and me the best crepes we've ever eaten.

For the next three or four days I'll be driving south, east, west, and north to deliver live fish to Minnesota and Calgary.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for that, it meant a lot.
we've got an audiotape and a video of it.
those'll need tinkering, but if you ever want 'em...
eBay bootlegs and inside Times Square trenchcoats.
more info coming to your hotmail.