Saturday, May 22, 2010

Due to Blogger breaking down on me, I never had a chance to report on the last days of the "2010 Me & My Brother Tour"--nor, for that matter, the world premiere of Roll Out, Cowboy in Marfa, TX. In brief, the tour with Nima ended great. Our final shows in Montana and Spokane were varied and rewarding. Thanks to Anna, Joe, Jeff, Joanne, Sharokh, and especially Emilie for all the support.

Performing in the Morrow's rustic barn (above) for Joanne's 50th birthday was fab, 'though I'm embarrassed to say that I almost burned it down doing a stupid stunt with a match during one of my raps.

Earlier that day, in the Morrow's bunkhouse (left), Nima helped me record several songs for my next album. You can listen to one of the tracks here: "Miss Rodeo Montana."

On May 1st, my last day of spring troubadouring, many great things happened. For one, I reunited with my sweetie, Hana. It'd been three months since we'd last seen each other in Orlando, FL. (She'd flown on to Syria to learn Arabic, and I'd flown to Boston to begin the tour.) For another, the May Day concert with Nima was our tour's grand finale! He mentions it here, in his blog.

Nima also writes of our appearance that day on The Persian Radio Hour. Here's the link to listen to his hour-long interview, hosted by DJ Sharokh Nikfar. Besides being a wonderful radio host, Sharokh is a great chef. After the show he cooked Nima, Hana, and me a mouth-watering Iranian dish.

The midnight supper with Sharokh was an auspicious and joyous end to Nima's and my trans-American, cross-cultural, fence-cutting, genre-smashing, most excellent 2010 spring adventure. It was just the ceremony we needed, and it was fitting to have Hana there, at last.

Nima and I had begun and ended our odyssey on ol' Interstate 90. February 'til May. From Massachusetts to Washington State--coast to coast, more or less. And now it was time to part ways.

Early the next morning Nima gunned west to Seattle, and Hana and I boomeranged east to Billings to catch our flight south to Marfa. We had a dusty little film festival to attend.

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Flying Mermaid said...

Oh, damn, I was loving that little song already, before hearing the punchline, but then KABOOM, ya got me good! Ya see, the first woman I ever fell in love with -- when I was 14 -- was my uncle's girl!

And the last chapter of that tale didn't happen for another 32 years....