Saturday, February 20, 2010

If you want to get better, or at least more expansive, tour updates than I've been offering, I recommend that you bookmark my tour companion Nima Samimi's blog:

He posts pics and videos on there, too.

I've known Mr. Samimi for about ten years now, and he's become one of my very best pals. He's never been on a music tour before, so it's been refreshing to get to view each show through his eyes.

Nima proposed joining me on a tour a few years back. It took until this winter for him to finally save enough cash to afford time off from his job as groundskeeper at the Arnold Arboretum (owned by Harvard University). In a very loose sense, Nima's like a real-life Will Hunting. Wicked smaht!

I should add that ladies love Samimi. He's a class act, though, and chooses not to break more hearts than necessary. Another one of Nima's virtues is that he has a healthy perspective on rock & roll. We exercise each morning, steer clear of alcohol and junk food, and strive to get enough rest. Thanks to him, this could be a first for me to arrive home in better shape than when I began.

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