Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's Veterans Day again, Grandpa Sand. You've always told me war is hell. I believe you. I pray that I never get shot full of shrapnel, witness the gory deaths of friends, nor have to kill at close range, like you did as a First Lieutenant in WWII. Thank you for your service abroad.

Thank you also for being an active local citizen with a strong voice. I'm posting a short part of a letter you just submitted to The Dunn County Herald regarding national health care reform:
"What if Medicare could be raised high up in scope and national kindness and human dignity? What if it could become a comprehensive program to protect us all from sickening anxieties and the resultant deterioration of family morale due to unmanageable health care costs?"

Bob Sand, Killdeer
Gramps, I appreciate your bravery on and off the field and for always challenging your fellow Earthlings to strive for peace and justice.

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