Thursday, June 25, 2009

Death came knockin'. Sad times in Dunn County.

My upcoming CD has a song called "Michael Jackson," dedicated to him:
"Michael Jackson it's a long ride back home
Chi-town, Motown, I found your crown
In the middle of a Montana pasture
And that sound was the sound of rapture . . ."



Charlene said...

Sad indeed...(and I look forward to hearing your song when your album comes out). Nice post...

Antonella Celestina said...

Hi Darlin'!

You are great at creating memorial songs. Listen to lots of the "king of Pop" feel the insperation, doo the moonwalk and wham out a Jam!!

Your "MLK" is my #1 profile song on myspace, has been for months. I have a feelin' when it's your time to pass on into the sweet sunset * you will have many a balads witten for you & sung by the camfire for generations....

Much love from Anacortez,
Antonella Celestina Novi