Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Travelin' through Montana this last weekend felt like a homecoming. I picked cherries; saw a moose, three mountain goats, and a coiled-up rattlesnake; visited Grandma; and played a show at the Morrow Ranch.

The show celebrated Jeff Morrow's 50th birthday. Jeff's a professional saddle maker and one of the funkiest cowboys I know. He has pictures of Sly Stone, Bettie Page, and other punky iconoclasts pinned up throughout his shop and bunkhouse.

Jeff and his wife Joanne treated me royally; I felt like a visiting senator. They'd made a stage of straw bales and plywood out in the barn for the show. The absinthe- and whiskey-drinkin' crowd was groovy. Working cowboys mingled with elegant fashionistas and stoned beatnik hermit mechanics.

My night ended late, with a poker game in the bunkhouse.

The next day, after a sourdough and huckleberry pancake breakfast, I drove east via Glacier National Park.

I'll be truckin' west again in two hours.

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Anonymous said...

My daughter loves your new song "Shelly the Sea Turtle and sings it every day now. How about a children"s CD? It's a big market..
Anacortes mom fan..