Saturday, November 17, 2007

I'm back in Killdeer. I painted ol' Williston town red last night, and I have a headache to show for it. The last day of trucking school was uneventful. I've learned to back up, finally. In fact, I've almost backed myself into a steady rollin' job as a fish hauler with Goodall Trucking. All I need to do now is pass the driving test on November 27th, and I'll have my first Commercial Drivers License. Life is fixin' to be radically different very soon.
The picture above is courtesy of Mark McGinley, the feller I stayed with in Williston. He put me up for two weeks, washed my clothes, fed me, and regaled me with multifarious stories about sundry West Dakota characters. He's a good guy, yes sir, and a Norwegian Irishman to boot! Thanks for all, Mark.


Anonymous said...

Welcome home, stop by soon!
Sarah M

Unknown said...

Many congrats, Sand ...

Anonymous said...

It was good to see ya again Chris! Thanks for the songs from under the piano last night at the ranch. I've been thinkin', maybe you could use Boo as an opening act on your next tour? <};-)

Ned said...

Hey.....I'm missing a pillowcase!!!! Goodall warned me about that! I suppose I can buy it back from your merchandise mart for Christmas?!!

Congratulations on earning your license. For all of your studious efforts, early to bed, early to rise....I knew there would be no problem.

I like the picture in your journal....better than a grizzled old banker any day.

Be sure to keep some sort of a journal.....through your songs and you roll with Goudall Trucking (ask Shawn about that one!)

Safe Wheeling and best wishes.


PS....Do you rally play that guitar?

Ned said...

And...many thanks for the orange, frankincense & myrrh.

That was very kind of you. I've not yet ventured to the dark north road to taste the italian cuisine, but look forward to a special time there.

Looking at the cd case....I nearly thought it was me!!! Thanks again for are welcome here anytime........