Saturday, October 06, 2007

Being a dropout has its benefits. I can now have fun in Olympia. I went from trucker to sucker in one morning. Strange days have followed. My car remains at the mechanic's, I've become reacquainted with former flame Natalie, my money has evaporated like dog water in July. And yet, filmmakers Lawrence & Vine have remained undeterred by these derelict maneuvers. Steadfastly, they document every step and misstep I take.

Headlines read: Little bat flies into the thick fog, followed by a $4000 camera.

Fortunately for me, I tend rely more on sonar than eyesight. I'm pretty sure everything's gonna work out fine. However, I feel rotten for temporarily letting Shawn Goodall down. I need to get back to NoDak ASAP and get my business straight. Maybe there's still hope for me getting my CDL before month's end.


Anonymous said...

Nuh-uh is all I have to say about the pictures posted under 'Finders Keepers' on the doc's blog spot. Too hilarious.

I've been gone a while... catching up...

Freeze warning? It will be 91 in Nashville today... you're welcome any time.

ivee (*

Anonymous said...

Are you in love Mr. Sandman?