Saturday, October 20, 2007

As promised:!!!

(Created by Giles O'Dell/"Timezone LaFontaine.")

Factoid: (return to) . . . the blackhole (of outerspace), though one of my longest CDs, took the shortest time to record. Giles and I laid down every track, except "Highway Man," in one long afternoon. I showed up with a folder full of oddball raps, and he happened to have, on his computer, a flock of freshly-made beats. How these joints came together so elegantly is due 100% to Giles. He cropped and crunked them until a cogent narrative of epic heroism emerged. His souped-up soundmounds make Martians boogie down like stoned-on-seratonin space breakers. It's fab, man. Buy it now, but only if you really want it, 'cause it's not for everybody. You can scope it on iTunes, too.

Fyi, it's been called by Hip Hop Cosmonaut "the soundtrack for Halloween, 2007 . . . ghoulishly randy."

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Anonymous said...

The secret message is on track 18, the one that just sounds like a low rumbling sound. It's actually a spoken message that has been slowed way down (36 semitones to be precise) and is playing in reverse. To decode it someone would need to use a tape player or a sound editing program on their computer. (But even Nervous didn't get it!) The message says exactly what the text on the welcome screen to the secret site says. A problem that came up is that the clue in the liner notes refers to track 19. Oops... that was due to the interior art being finished just before one of the songs on the album ended up getting removed... or was it The Man interfering with our mission again?!