Saturday, June 23, 2007

Today I played a fun outdoor show at the Rhubarb Fest in Washburn, ND. The performance took place at Fort Mandan (the fort that served as the winter headquarters for Lewis & Clark's Corps of Discovery during the winter of 1804-05.) My friend V also performed, interspersing a few of her songs during my set. V is a bona fide cowgirl from Wyoming. She sings some of the most authentic "Western" music I've ever heard.

My pal Alex from Winona, MN, surprised me by showing up towards the end of the show with his Grandma Alma and Aunt Ardie. According to Alex, Alma has been a Sandfan since 1999. It was sweet to finally meet her.

The folks at Fort Mandan are a class act. They fed me lunch, supplied a sound system, paid me well, and rallied a nice crowd. The only negative of the day is that I ate too many rhubarb desserts and acquired a mild stomach ache.


Anonymous said...

The rapping cowboy on video at:

Chris Sand said...

I look like a stick-man in this video.

As long as people are posting embarrassing vids of my younger days, you might as well witness:

Both are from a project I was involved with called MVP (Music Violence Prevention Project).

Chris Sand said...

here's another career killing video from the MVP Project:

Sarah said...

I am jealous, I miss ruhbarb desserts like pie and they don´t have any of that down here in Ecuador!