Sunday, February 18, 2007

The show at Capitol Theater was successful, I think. Chad, Carl, & I did fourteen songs in total. The Vintage Valkyries performed after us, and they were amazing. They're a five-piece rock outfit who all go to high school in Yelm, Washington. Really fun, really good. On the flyers that I made for the show, I wrote that there would also be a "surprise guest" at the concert. Originally my plan was to perform another set of songs with Timezone LaFontaine on turntables, after the Vintage Valkyries set. We would have rocked a few raps from our (return to the) . . . blackhole (of outerspace) CD, but Timezone got swamped with school work and canceled. Minutes before the show, though, I ran into a fellow who had a huge bigfoot costume strapped to his van. I could see that he had built it with stilts so that he could be ten feet high and look out through the eyes instead of the chest. I asked him if he'd make an appearance and be the surprise guest that we'd promised. He did! To see a small picture of what he looks like click here.


Anonymous said...

Google sent me to your journal in 2004 and I was very confused... You were in Olympia doing pretty much the same things you are doing this year, but with different people. Except for the foil wrapped apartment and the snow. And some other stuff.

When are you planning to roll through Spokane?

Chris Sand said...

that depends on if i leave friday morning or saturday morning, which depends on if i get a friday show in seattle.