Wednesday, November 01, 2006

November. The eleventh monkey.

Last night, Halloween, I officially moved into my haunted, cozy home. I lit candles in each room and posted a bag of candy near the front door. Four tiny hobgoblins stopped by for treats, and later three much bigger ones came by for beer. Then we went downtown to the Ilo Bar for some more.

Sadie, the Japanese-born bartender/owner, was handing out Skull Pop suckers. Sadie's approximately 4'10" and hobbles like a small pirate, due to an old injury. She's lived in Dunn Center and run the bar for as long as I can remember. She'd like to sell it, she says, but no one's buying.

Alice's Restaurant is for sale, too. It's been a year since Alice closed its doors. Somebody busted out a few of its windows this summer.

Tomorrow I'll pick up the oven that my neighbor Emogene offered me. Then I can eat something besides spiders, flies, and cold cereal. I have an antique wood stove, too, which I'll tell you more about soon.


Anonymous said...

Hey Chris,
I'm so happy that you're finally moved into your new home. Can't wait to see it! Nick would be proud. :)
Love you. jen

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris, Congrats on moving into your cool old house, and on such a weird/appropriate date - suits you! My sisters and I will have to stop by and see the finished project one day next summer. Those pictures we took after our 'tour' didn't turn out, we were so very disappointed!

Anonymous said...

Spiders flies and cold cereal might be why you had food poisoning/flu. Just a thought. When will you return to Spokane? November's end or the beginning of December? What's mine is yours, cowboy! xoxo