Saturday, February 25, 2006

I received emails in the last two days from two musician friends I've toured with on separate occasions in the last two years: Ivan Okay and Jack Norton. These dudes are true blue indie song soldiers. Both commented on (return to) . . . the blackhole (of outerspace), the new rap CD created by me (lyrics) and Timezone La Fontaine (beats):

From JN:
first of all, "blackhole" is the best thing you've done, by far, the production is really, really good. and the raps all flow well. its a concept album but not over the top or annoying at all. it just stands up as being really, really good. "gateway" is brilliant - one of those, "wish i thought of that idea" type of songs that drive songwriters crazy. it's hilarious! if you had the proper contacts i think this album could do really well. the video possibilities to most of the songs are endless. "pony" is such a natural that you should kill whoever wrote it and claim it as yer own.

From IOK:
I need to tell you how much I've been enjoying "Return to the Black Hole of Outer Space" these last couple days. It's really something special, and I'm so happy that you've created it. It's fun! I would pick "GALAHAD" as the first single. So unique and lots of energy and catchy. Your lyrics throughout the CD are your best yet (in my opinion). The production is great, and amazingly, it's just as I imagined it would be: really colorful, soulfully textured, kinda strange and a little psychadelic. I just wanna say, "AWESOME JOB!". Your star continues to steadily rise...
For anybody interested in hearing this hot-off-the-press Sandman *CD, send $12 to:

C. Sand
PO Box 7
Dunn Center, ND 58626

*PARENTAL ADVISORY WARNING: Raunchy lyrical content on a few songs.

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Anonymous said...

I purchased 4 tickets to the Bob Dylan and Merle Haggard show coming up in Tucson! One for my son, and my nephew and his girlfriend and me! April 10! CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS. Also I have to hear that new CD, I think ROWENA has it, will have to take a listen! Kate in Bisbeeland