Sunday, January 29, 2006

Portland, Oregon, was even more generous than Seattle. Great venue, great opening band--Grodie Bros. and Friends; they have the worst band name ever, but that makes it cool somehow. One of their members is named Spudblaster.

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Anonymous said...

Spud's wife won't let him play with computers, without seeing what he writes. So he asked me to send you a note. The 3 of us in the Grodie Brothers (Spud, Rich and myself) wanted to thank you for a great night together. We dug all 3 of your styles...Cowboy Poems, Cowboy Rap...and Cowboy Songs the "Sandman" way. When you next tour through Portland, we'll be glad to open for you again. Glad you liked our name and music.

Happy Trails,

Jim...and the rest of the Grodie Bros. & Friends.