Friday, March 05, 2004

I'm back in Olympia; 319-JOE made it all the way! I swear that car runs on magic.

Although this tour made me rich in many ways, I am now financially in the hole and am racking my brain for ways to pay the last two months of rent, credit card and phone bills. Although I made $150 for shows played and $350 in merch sales, I spent $200 on gas and $310 on Folk Alliance not to mention toll and parking fees, an oil change, food, and countless other expenses.

By next year this time I should be way ahead, but until Summer I will be sweating it out. It's a good thing that Joe didn't break down!

Stay tuned for a tour review... It may take a while, though, as I need to start booking the Spring tour with every free second I have.

I wrote a song last week which Garf helped out on. Here it is:

Jade's Song

Oh, chain-smoker
Sex, drugs and poker
Alcohol... goodbye

I did not know her
And I did not hold her
Mardi gras... goodbye

We're still so young, Rachel
Shoplifting newspapers
Smoke in your eye... just cry, just cry

Oh, sweet soldier
Blonde-haired bull-dozer
Last cigarette... goodbye.

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