Thursday, September 01, 2005

Speaking of numbers. . . . I now have new North Dakota plates. What rhymes with license plate?

Yep: 918!

As for the letters: North Dakota is a friendly state--perhaps the friendliest I've been to, and I've been to most of them. (New York comes in a close second--I'm serious!--but that's another topic.) Now, what could be more friendly than waving "hi" or, let's say, "hiya" to everyone you pass while driving to and from the Lake Ilo Bar? Or perhaps something in between. . . . like, say: "HIY!"

What I'm getting at here is that 319 JOE's new brand is HIY 918. He's still "Li'l Joe" to me, though, re-branded for legal reasons.

These North Dakota plates are much more handsome, in my opinion, than my previous Washington plates. In the lower left corner a stoic brown bison ruminates on a golden prairie. In the distance you can see the unmistakable outline of the Killdeer Mountains. A small bouquet of wheat is tacked to the right of the state name, in honor of agriculture. The motto reads "The Peace Garden State." Simple, elegant, and bugless (so far).


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

yup, i really like how folks in the extra rural parts of the midwest actually DO acknowledge your existence as you encounter each other on the roads.
"hello person, guess i'm happy to see that i'm not the only person here. i shall lift 2 fingers off my steering wheel for you, and perhaps you'll see them".
i'm sure you've got a huge headstart on the new license plate's a pretty good one.
do you get lucky like that always?
perhaps you could write personalized license plate jingles for other people.
i sometimes drive a car, and i've only got half of the plate even memorized.
it's NFG...what can you do with that?
i've pneumonic-deviced it to
"Nice Fucking Guy", but that's it.

Hi Nine-One-Eight
you're a good little car
i had to change your plate
'cos you're too big a star...
-or something, something much better.
(i was just playing with the 319 JOE
cadence, honest)
it fits, like changing Shaq into Tim Duncan etc.

maybe it's time for you to turn your phone number into a word, or words, too.
you might want to keep that one a secret...or do you?

aha...and PS--i didn't post properly, nor did you remove me before. i just didn't select Anonymous (and was Blogger instead).
i am not a blogger, i am anonymous.

Chris Sand said...

Dear Lorax the Anonymous,

The song hasn't come yet. I may need a new car for that to happen. I do get pretty lucky w/ license plates. Maybe I'll post a picture of my last three one of these days.

As for NFG, I get: New Flower Generation.