Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Just watched Napoleon Dynamite for the sixth time--this time with narration.

Jonah and Amanda leave tomorrow morning. Yesterday we hiked in the north section of Teddy Roosevelt Park. The leaves are beginning to turn color. Jonah says he smells snow coming.


Anonymous said...

for jonah,
i know you "whale". ha.
where are you going?
heading east...come to winona.
sandy, you know what to do.
=lorax supertramp

Chris Sand said...

This is the farthest east they'll be goin', but I'll let 'em know they're welcome along the intersection of Hwy. 90 & the Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

A big ol' THANKS to Sandman for being such a wonderful and attentive host! Killdeer and the surrounding area is beautiful. Jonah and I are sad to be going.....The upstairs bed is mighty comfy to boot

Everyone should come out for a Sandman Tour!!!