Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Margi invited me down to the Buckskin to meet her friend, Ryan, from Bismarck. Shawn was there and bought me a beer. Then me and the cook, Ron, took on Shawn and Margi at foosball and lost. Then we took on Lacey and her cousin, whose name I didn't catch, and lost again.

Now I'll watch Conan O'Brien. Ice T's on tonight. Ice T's Original Gangster album was what really brought me back into the rap game in 1989. After my initial romance with Run-DMC & Grandmaster Melle Mel in the early 80's, I faded out of hip hop and detoured into reggae and rock. Mostly Bob Dylan, Bob Marley and Led Zeppelin. Ice T, though, was different. He was pure humor, rebellion and raunch that I devoured at age 18. He challenged the System in the way the Bobs did, but more ruthlessly. I'm still influenced by the Iceberg.

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Anonymous said...

"a lot of doubters said it couldn't be done by me
those same suckers are now lookin from under me
wondering what i did
i didn't play myself, kid
i respected my fans and made the high bid
sometimes i write my rhymes at night and fall asleep
wake up with new techniques
...i made a promise to my brothers in street crime
we'd get paid with the use of a sweet rhyme
we put our minds together
made the tracks clever
now we're checkin more bank than ever now you realize you underestimated me, the ice
you thought that i was okay
but now you realize i'm nice
but that's alright cause i knew i'd make it in the end
those who like me now might not have liked me then
...cause the brain has the power to control all
think positive
you'll be unable to fall
brain cells swell
thought process becomes a trance
make you feel possessed to dance
i say i want a million
my mind is so deep, i'll be busting the check for it next week
mind over matter"

some rhymes from 'Mind Over Matter,' one of my favorite Ice-T tracks. Forget 'Copkiller,' it's lyrics like these that put the heat on Ice-T.