Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Hi World, it's me again. I lost $16 at poker last night. I could tell going into it that I wasn't going to be too sharp, but I'm still up about $110 for the year. 319 JOE (my car) is getting worked on today-- new CV joint, new brakes, new fuel filter. I'm estimating around $600. I promised "Joe" in my song that I'd love him forever and protect him from the wrecking yards so that's what I'm doing, 'cause cars are humans too, right? As for me I'll get my teeth examined and cleaned on Friday. Joe and I need to be road worthy as we're galloping 12,000 gas-guzzling miles together. I'll be Don Quixote and Joe can be Sancho Panza. Betsy Ross can be the maiden in distress. This tour is my chance to tilt at a few specific windmills which you'll hear me rappin' about soon enough. By the way, Utah Phillips was great the other night. I saw my future (only different). I wrote a new song yesterday called "The Green, Green Bridge" which if nothing else is a solid song title.

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