Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Big Dipper is hanging low in the north tonight on this Thanksgiving Day's Eve. It's positioned directly over the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation. My favorite radio deejay lives there: Shannon Hale. Every weekday morning from 7:00 until 10:00 he plays the best country and rock & roll songs. Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn and Waylon Jennings are his favorites. Between songs he cracks off-the-cuff jokes and tells stories about his former "outlaw" days when he partied a lot and spent nights in prison. Earlier this year I dropped off my Good to Be Awake CD at the KMHA radio station. The song he chose as the hit was "Storage Unit 209," which he plays regularly. Unfortunately, now that I've moved to Dunn Center I don't get good reception anymore. Dad said he heard Mr. Hale express over the air that he hadn't heard from me in a while. He wondered if I'd moved away, and I guess I have. Seven miles east.

Two close Minnesota friends, Alex and Julia, just visited me on their way through to Olympia. These people are road warriors. On the way here they wore Depends diapers to limit the need for bathroom breaks. Alex said that his diaper leaked, though, and so he might not try that experiment again.


Anonymous said...

Alex, that's just down right Nasty!!! How is a 5 minute bathroom break going to ruin your road trip? Better than peeing & crapping in you diaper while sitting in it for the next 200 miles to get good time. GROSS

Anonymous said...

What is your quality of life if you can't take 5 minutes to take a pee? Slow down and find the rest stops. :-)

Anonymous said...

alex here.
chris was being a bit glamorous in his "road warrior" description.
we happily and slowly meandered across the country.
it wasn't about going fast.
it was about fun.
and it was.
for a while.
i was hoping for a bit more absorption.

it is hard to pee your pants if you're trying. i learned that.
i understand what a wet diaper feels like again.
it'd work better in the summer by a river, not november in a car.

and i heard that deejay on the way to dickinson. he laughs like a madman. a mighty good madman, i might add. i was gonna tell you about him, but i guess i don't have to.