Sunday, August 27, 2006

Yesterday's Second Annual Cream Can Supper at Dunn County Museum rocked!

Janene and Chantel Knudsvig, chefs extraordinaire.

Scott Lynch and Cody Dukart servin' it up. These guys are both on the Dunn Center Volunteer Fire Crew. They had a fire truck ready in case flames got out of control.

Let's eat!

Between 150-200 people showed up.

The musicians were Veikley & Dammen from Minot. These guys were a class act; the crowd loved every second of their Dakota flavored swing jazz.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris, Wonder if you could provide us unfortunates who live so far away a few details of the Cream Can suppers. What all is cooked in the cans? Is this just an annual event? I would so much love to attend one. When's the next one? Thanks!!

Chris Sand said...

Preparation goes something like this: (a) collect cream cans, corn, sausage, onions, taters, cabbage, carrots, etc.; (b) start a blazing fire with scraps of hard wood, (d) place all the ingredients into large, spotless cream cans; (e) add a couple quarts of water or beer; (f) let it boil for 1 hour or so; and (g) serve up a great meal for a lot of hungry friends and neighbors.

Next one will be a year from last Saturday if all goes as planned.

Anonymous said...