Monday, August 07, 2006

Tonight the ashes of Great Uncle Chris Sand, who died last year at age 88, were spread near his camp on Killdeer Mountain. We stood under a huge oak tree heavy with green acorns. Wild strawberries, prairie grass, and sage grew beneath.

The ceremony was simple and peaceful. Cousin Brad played guitar and led the family in "Amazing Grace." Grandpa sang "The Cowboy's Dream," and I recited two cowboy poems--"Reincarnation" and "The Cowboy's Prayer."

Tomorrow we'll drive four hours to Wolf Point, Montana, where Great Uncle Chris and Grandpa were born and raised. We'll spread more ashes along Wolf Creek, and also at the cemetery where Great Grandpa Christ Sand and Great Aunt Vivian are buried.

"Last night as I lay on the prairie,
And I looked at the stars in the sky,
I wondered if ever a cowboy
Would drift to the sweet by and by."

--from "The Cowboy's Dream"


Anonymous said...

Wish I could have been with you tonight. :( Much love.

Jenny Sand

Anonymous said...

You brought me right there with you, thank you. Rest in Peace, Great Uncle Chris. What a beautiful place to roam for eternity.

Mitch Lamm