Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Sorry for the absence of words of late. I've been taking care of house business. I live in a 'collective' called the ABC house which is owned by an organization called the Black Walnut Association. For the last year, people within the ranks have been lobbying to turn my house into a youth hostel. My housemates and I have diligently fought against this and as of two nights ago it appears that we have won! Our morale immediately sky-rocketed and I have been doing lots of various chores like mowing, mopping, fixing cabinets, etc. The BWA also gave us $10,000.00 to paint our house's exterior!!! It's time for a victory party real soon; maybe next weekend.

I've also been busy being a playwright-- a dramatist! I appear to have a spark for it. At least Nerviz thinks so; he'll be the narrator in it. He's a trucker named Don Smucker who helps my George Small character metamorphose into the infamous rapping porn star known as Slippery Goodstuff.

And speaking of porn stars! Saturday night I drove to Seattle with Goose to watch the Lucky Devil Girly Show. Have I not told you about them yet?! They are a Skagit Valley burlesque troupe who somehow acquired my song "Persian Den of Sin" and do a fantastic dance-piece around it. They plan to work out dances to a few other numbers now that they've heard A Year in the Life of Slippery Goodstuff. After the show they all had me sign their boobs with an orange sharpie. I awkwardly tried to write cheerful messages which ultimately ended up inking up all sides of their bodacious breasts and chests with indecipherable scribblings. Three gay guys lined up after them and had me sign their t-shirts! Life is stranger than fiction, true. Anyhow, the evening was enjoyable and Goose helped me think about the Slippery Goodstuff play on the drive home which helped immensely.

I spent a couple hours with my former girlfriend Jen Grady yesterday. She graciously helped me record some rough demos for my new album, which will be officially recorded in Portland in two weeks by the great L.A. producer/rock star Willie Wisely. Andras will fly him up for three days of intense studio work with Chad and me at Mississippi Studios.

Yesterday I played a short birthday party set for Nerviz's son, Hollis, who turned four. Scream Club were there. Their new album is finished and will be released in August.

I'd better get back to work now.


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