Friday, July 09, 2004

I finally figured out a way to post journal entries from my home computer. This means I won't have to go to Evergreen all the time.

Another pleasant development in my small, quixotic 2004 world is that I'm working with a credit union. Hopefully, some day I'll be free of Bank of America and Capitol One. They've both got their tentacles around my ankles, but not for long I hope...

Also-- my friend/drummer/uncle Garf and his girlfriend, Talcott, have given me their 1981 VW pick-up! The best part about it is that it's a bio-diesel/greasel-- it runs on used vegetable oil!!! Just like that and I'm practically out of the gas game. The $2 per gallon for biodiesel is less than a tank of gas in Olympia. Plus I'll get at least 50 miles per gallon. Apparently Willie Nelson is also a big fan and runs his Mercedes Benz on biodiesel. The only drawback that I can see is that my clothes might start smelling like McDonald's french fries on long road-trips. I guess it also throws my long-term relationship with 319 JOE into question. "Joe" is my 1984 Subaru station-wagon that needs a new clutch, (plus a lot of other tender loving care). He rattles and sputters and stalls at most stop-signs. He leaks oil. His driver's side window won't roll down. But, to his credit, he never breaks down, no matter how hard and long I push him. He's been around the USA a couple times and has visited many of the major cities without ever being the cause of a traffic jam or accident. And I made him a promise in my 1999 song "319 JOE" that, "I'll love (him) forever and protect (him) from the wreckin' yard." But, you know, I think he'll understand if I can sell him to the right person. To be fair, he's not worth more than $600 even with his new tires... but with a new clutch I think he could outlast a lot of cars 1/2 his age.

Anyone interested in owning this legendary miracle-car named "Joe"?

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