Monday, July 12, 2004

Here's a synopsis of the big play that I have to finish by tomorrow.

A Year In the Life of Slippery Goodstuff

This punk-rock-country-hip-hopera follows the trail of an average "Joe" named George who loses his memory. Due to random, perhaps mystical, circumstances he recreates himself into a Western-themed rapping porn star named "Slippery Goodstuff." At the end of a year, and after many sexual adventures, he starts a highly profitable network marketing company called Supersperm, Inc. He distributes his own semen to the masses and becomes a bona fide sperm baron.

Though, successful at his career, he continues his womanizing until he hits a wall during an encounter with a rap outlaw named Cindy Wonderful... and her girlfriend, Sarah Adorable. Together they give "Slippery" an unforgettable reaming.

Shocked and awed by Cindy and Sarah's fierce sexuality, a reawakened George Small has a revelation about the meaning of true sexiness and in a stunning turn-of-events stops lying about his wealth, stamina, and exaggerated penis-size. He also remembers the painful experience which triggered his amnesia in the first place.

George's vivid recollection prompts him to end his ultimately unprofitable quest to screw the planet.

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