Thursday, March 04, 2004

We rolled into Nevada City and parked next to a theater that coincidentally was selling tickets for the musical Woody Guthrie's American Song. It was, luckily for us, "pay what you can night" so we bought four tickets for $15 and I invited my friends Cedar and Ruby who live half-an-hour outside of town (in a tee pee and on the land adjacent to the poet Gary Snyder's property). I actually once acted in this very same play back in 1996, but the Nevada City version was higher end. Afterwards Garf and I decided to drive to Corvallis which took ten hours. I drove until 6:00 AM and then we switched at Grant's Pass, OR and I slept until Eugene. I have a massive caffeine headache right now. We are at my cousins, Kirby and Megan's, house preparing to watch Megan perform in an oratorio this evening.

Garf and I are really bonding as bandmates and have had some great late-night conversations. At one point during a cosmic philosophical moment at a truck-stop near Redding a huge white owl flapped overhead between the moon and Jupiter. This morning we saw a fat bald eagle sitting in apple tree next to the river. We are very hopeful about the future.

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