Monday, March 29, 2004

It's 72 degrees outside! I've had a great week-- through the rain and shine.

While it was raining I holed up in my newly-scrubbed shack and read a 750-page novel, Cloudsplitter. Actually, I still have 100 pages to go. It's such a great, great book that I can barely put it down. It's a fictionalized account of the abolitionist John Brown and his endeavors to end slavery. It feels pertinent to the present era because he, like many of us today, worried that his nation was not doing what it was "supposed to" in making the world a better place to live for all humans. I remember while reading the Autobiography of Malcolm X, Mr. Shabazz proclaimed that John Brown was the only white person he'd ever trust. By that point, John Brown had been dead for ninety-seven years. I recommend both people, and books.

Ivan and my tour is coming together winningly and I've not been very stressed at all about it this week. Wish you were here. ; )

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