Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Sorry my posts are so scant. I'm in a strange psychic universe currently-- booking shows, hustling work, recovering from tour, and Trisha just got back from Mexico and is staying at my house for two or three weeks until she finds a place. My new computer works good for emails but doesn't allow me to post journal entries which is annoying.

Today I did tree removal. The weather is nice-- 70 degrees! Tomorrow I'll do some carpentry for the Martin Apartments.

When I said 319-JOE made it all the way back to Oly, I didn't tell you the whole story. About forty-five minutes outside of Olympia his windshield-wipers started slowing and the headlights started going dim. By the time I was ten minutes away the wipers stopped altogether and the lights were barely on. Miraculously we crept into my driveway where JOE gave up the ghost; not to start up again. Fortunately, Garf's girlfriend, Marie, is a mechanic, and she diagnosed it as a dead alternator. Yesterday she put a new one in and now JOE and I are cruisin' around town like it's no thang! Garf and I were so lucky we made it to every show on tour and made it all the way home without towing expenses or mechanic fees.

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