Thursday, February 12, 2004

Today was incredibly warm and sunny for this time of year. I can't believe that Chad and I leave for tour in only one week! I have a lot of stuff to do. My groin injury is lessoning. The chiropractor doesn't think that it's a hernia. I accidentally rubbed Ben Gay on my testicles last night at 3 AM and spent a good hour howling and cursing. I took a shower and tried to wash the ointment off which seemed to make things worse. I put ice-cubes on it and then sliced a potato in half and applied it in an attempt to suck the poisons out. Nothing worked! Eventually I had to do this deep meditation and just let the fiery pain wash over me until I passed out at 4:30 AM. Not fun. Tomorrow I do tree-removal starting at 7:15 AM and then drive to Chehalis for a show in the evening.

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