Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Damn I've been productive today. I haven't stopped hustling since early this morning and now its 3:33 a.m.!

Well, I ended up cancelling that show in San Fran I was talking about in my last web-entry so that's good. I can now focus on the big April/May tour as soon as I return from San Diego. The highlight of the day for me was seeing that CrimethInc. has dedicated a whole-page presentation of The Long Walk Home on their web-site. Barefoot Scottie rocks! I encourage you to order from them rather than me, 'cause I'll probably charge you $10 instead of the $6 that they charge. Plus if you buy over five at once they only charge $3.50 each. That means you can order five copies for a grand, postage-paid total of $17.50 (and they'll throw other interesting anarchist propaganda into the mix gratis). They use recycled paper and have included a miniature version of one of my "You Can Do Anything" zines with each cd. They've also added a hidden track of, shhhh-- don't tell anyone, "Curtis Lumber" and rearranged all the songs to make the album flow better. You should order five copies off their site tomorrow and distribute them to your carpenter buddies as gifts. They'll then treat you to a generous lunch at Myrtle's Soul Kitchen next Tuesday and everybody'll win! Then with all that money you saved order one of my damn Slippery Goodstuff albums or maybe Love's Hangover Sale. Buy 'em both for a total of $25 postage-paid and I'll send you one of my new "Sandman" pillow-cases. Rent is overdue, again, as if you didn't know...

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