Sunday, February 15, 2004

Here are my two-days' earnings: $112 for tree removal, $138 music related = $250! That gives me half of last month's rent. This little west coast tour I've been working so dilligently at is going to be a big flop, though, unless I can get about five more shows. Add to that that I have to get back down to San Francisco for one coffee house gig a week after I return to Olympia. I'll lose money with that gig unless I hitch-hike and live off of 3-for-1 hot dogs and toilet water while on the road. Drats. I suck at booking tours anymore. The big U.S. tour with Ivan looks more promising, fortunately, since I'll have his and Andras' help with it.

Last night's Valentine show with Senayit and Mr. Queen went well. A lot of people showed up and hooted and hollered all night. These two HOT sirens were trying to corral me for some midnight rodeo, I think. I can never quite be sure of these things, but that's surely the way it seemed. They were too drunk though to make it past my sheep dog. (That don't mean that he didn't miss 'em when they left, though, 'cause even dusty old sheep dogs get a little lonely come Valentine's Day.)

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