Sunday, October 05, 2003

Ugh. These last few days have not really improved and I would depress myself to recount all the shows I have just played. Instead, in the spirit of positivity, I will mention a few of the highlights.

1) My friend Sam gave me an awesome green jacket that completes the outfit I now flaunt (white Adidas, black carharts, mutton-chops). He cooked me some good soup and pizza and we took a hike around a lake. It was raining.

2) I played my first show in the great state of Iowa, (nevermind the horrid bar atmosphere and drunken accordian player). We literally lost a lot of money at this show but Iowa City is a happening little town.

3) Alex's parents were kind and generous and fed me food.

4) I helped a drunk woman, asleep on the pavement, sober up and get a cab in Minneapolis. This made me feel good about myself.

5) I played a show in Duluth with Charlie Parr. He's a really good guitar player. Jack and Liz and I drove up there with Sue and Dave. We stayed with Sue's parents. Sue's mom is Finnish and made Finnish pancakes plus other Scandanavian treats.

6) Sue and Dave gave me a green, army sweater which looks good under my new, green jacket. I look like Che Guevara when I wear my read stocking cap. They also bought me a ticket to a huge, Duluth train museum.

7) We didn't get across the Canadian border last night, but we did play an open mic at an amazing old theater and I sold two cds.

8) This one woman said I look like Billy Bob Thornton and wanted me to kiss her before her boyfriend got out of the bathroom. She was very, very hard to resist.

9) The leaves are starting to turn gold and red.

To be continued...

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