Saturday, October 25, 2003

Nuts fell on my roof all night.

I had a dream about living on an island and being the only survivor of a raging fire. Later I dreamed that a marmot/squirrel ate some seeds on a bush that made it grow human-sized. It's face became plastic and ugly and when I asked it, "who are you?" the creature stared at me and in a low voice slowly said, "Your subconscious soul". Then without warning it bolted towards me as if to bore into my flesh and face. I barely closed the door of my house in time.

(I didn't do much of anything today except babysit Hollis for Bethany who is trying to move this weekend. Tomorrow I'll help them move boxes to their new house. I also watched the Marlins beat the Yankees for the World Series title. I'm glad it's finally over.)

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