Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Hilltop Heritage Foundation held their 24th Annual Steak Fry & Auction last night at Buckskin Dance Hall in Killdeer.  Larry Schnell did a great job of auctioneering.

After supper the auction began.  I bid on, and won, an "Obama Basket," which amounted to several blue-themed items stuffed in a hand-decorated box: Blue Nun Wine, Winterfresh gum, Berry Blue Jell-O, Gourmet Blueberry Licorice, Smucker's Blueberry Syrup, and a four-piece box of Donkey Truffles.  

In a crowd of 300--and only one other bidder for this item--raising the bid was my small effort to stand up for the President.  I ended up winning it for $35.  I'm pretty sure the red-themed "Nobama Basket" did better.  

I hit the road trucking today to Toronto and then back to Calgary.  I haven't seen Hana and Stevie for almost seven weeks.

Also: Happy 67th birthday today, Ma!

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