Thursday, October 04, 2012

Much has changed since my last journal entry of ten days ago.  Instead of reuniting with my sweet family this week, Hana and I decided that I keep trucking with Goodall until the end of the month.  Alas, the wheat must be threshed.  The fish must be netted.  The diesel must be burned.

I'm currently in Minneapolis at a Ramada Inn, taking advantage of downtime between hauls to Toronto.  Today I caught the new Clint Eastwood flick, Trouble with the Curve, at Mall of America.  Arnold Schwarzenegger also happened to be at the Mall, signing books.  It was the second time I've accidentally run into Mr. Universe.  The first time was in 1997 at a stoplight in Venice Beach.  He was smoking a cigar and driving a convertible Mercedes Benz.

Last night I borrowed a guitar and played a spontaneous house show in St. Paul.  Thanks everybody who attended that, and thanks to Eric for the auspicious invite!

At 4 a.m.--two hours from now--the alarm goes off.  Then it's down to Renville to pick up tilapia and back to Toronto to deliver 'em.


Flying Mermaid said...

Hmm, wonder what's up with you and The Ahnuld? That's quite a picture!

Chris Sand said...

Me & Ahnuld = the Prince & the Pauper, a modern day fairy tale

Anonymous said...

That is one of my all time favorite photos of Arnie - showin' it off to the ladies! They're studying it.