Tuesday, June 05, 2012

                                                                                                                                                        Photo by Senayit.
My new band:  
Chris Sand & the Big MT.
(Arif Memovic - accordion, banjelele. Alex Nash - drums, banjo.)
FYI, Big MT is pronounced Big Empty.

My band and I just completed our first mini-tour--Big Fork and Hot Springs, MT.
We were joined by my dear and talented friend Senayit Tomlinson.

Last week I got word from Goodall Trucking that they could use me for a couple weeks of long haul.  I was able to hitch a ride with Senayit to North Dakota yesterday.  She departed this morning for New Hampshire to rejoin her family and horses.


Flying Mermaid said...

I'm very excited about that new band, as I'm a huge accordion and banjelele fan (assuming a banjelele is what I've always called a banjo uke).

You ever coming back to Bisbee???

Chris Sand said...

Yes, I want to return to Bisbee this coming winter!!!