Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My p.o. box from heaven
Smaller than a bread box, bigger than a cabbage
Every single day I get at least one package
From deejays on Ebay, emcees on Amazon
Everybody loves me, I'm bigger than Barry Bonds
And letters they send me--so friendly and funny
Why get a job when I can make so much money
Just walkin' to the post office, and turnin' the key
Triple-O-seven is the box to be . . ."
(Third verse from "PO Box 7")
Those of you familiar with my song "PO Box 7" might be interested to hear that, as of earlier this month, my once lucky post office box is now a 10" x 4" x 16" metal receptacle for dust. Unbelievably, Dunn Center's post office has been suspended!

Just when Dunn Center's dwindling population has triumphantly turned around due to an enormous oil boom, it has been decided that a post office probably isn't worth the cost and/or hassle to hold on to.

In sum, PO Box 7 is no more.

In other news, in spite of the raging blizzard outside my door, life is good!


Anonymous said...

well dang! i hope you are able to stay connected via these electronic mails and http://'s and @'s and www.'s and .com's.
but this news isn't fun! boo. no random things to be physically discovered as you run errands.

Flying Mermaid said...

Wow, what a metaphor for everything, huh. Can't believe it's gone!

jsl said...

this is messed up. cant they just cut the hours? it stinks!