Saturday, October 09, 2010

Congrats to Alice Camel Van Gunten and J.J. Tanner who were just named 2010 Ronan High School Homecoming Queen & King!

I graduated from Ronan High in 1989. I took Alice's pretty cousin, Leslie, to our junior prom in '88. She ditched me half way through for Tony Stasso and his shiny black Camaro. I wonder what the heck Tony's up to now . . .


Flying Mermaid said...

Was just beginning to wonder what happened to you, was gonna email you if there was no post again today. Glad you're alive!


Anonymous said...

Chris... if only I knew then what I know now! I was a wild child and didn't know how to handle your gentleman ways! Unfortunately, Tony passed away shortly after high school in a car accident. In fact, most of my crushes in high school are either in prison or dead... seriously! I have much better taste now... as do you! Thanks for remaining friends with me after all these years... congrats on your success!
Leslie :D

Chris Sand said...

Tony died?! That is so sad and tragic. I always looked up to him and thought of him as Ronan's version of James Dean. Dang.

Thanks for your sweet sentiments, though, Leslie. I was happy to get a couple dances in with you that night! I sort of floated around the last hour getting friendly with the rest of ladies. : )

Yes, it's great we are still friends!!