Thursday, February 05, 2009

Worked with the film crew today. Saw eighteen minutes of edited footage. To celebrate the documentary's progress we patronized a lavish Italian restaurant in Silver Lake. Warner and Elizabeth treated. (I'm riding a benevolent grub line this week.)


Anonymous said...

Please give us a brief description of what the film is about.

Anonymous said...

i'd like to leave a smart-ass comment, but it seems like sticking with Roll Out, Cowboy as a working title until the film is finished is a good idea. otherwise i'd be editing to make the film match it's title. alas, i am not a filmmaker...and i don't know how this works. it seems like you have such a huge catalog of song names, album names, and lyrical imagery that some brilliant title will come out of your work/words.

for some reason i see this film portraying a struggle of in a desolate area, struggling with finances/identity/faith etc, trying to manage all the musician stuff, time on the road, and likely some brilliant live performances.
with that in mind, i'm looking at Love's Hangover Sale and Long Road/Walk Home albums...maybe even Rough Notes from Otter Cove.

it's like naming a band, right?

Chris Sand said...

anon #1: see

anon #2: sorry, i edited my entry to make your response appear disconnected. thank you, tho', for your input.