Sunday, February 15, 2009

Strolled the streets of Burque like a derelict tonight, drunk off kombucha and the vintage neon lights of Nob Hill along Route 66. Passed a thousand hookah shops, tattoo parlors, adult video stores, artsy theaters, and romance-laden restaurants. Ate a solitary shawarma at The Sahara, and then returned to Graceland Avenue for a second night.

Desires pull me seventeen directions. Round-trip flights to Dublin are $561, and to London it's less than half that. This kind of freedom taunts my consciousness.

I feel like a pigeon on the threshold of an open box. He sits there, briefly, ill at ease, as if options were shotguns pointed at his heart.


TK said...

You're always welcome in Elko. Spring might be a better time to visit. Spring might be better for Dublin, too, for that matter.

Chris Sand said...

Ah, but trucking limits my spring/summer/fall options. If only this bird could teletransport.

Anonymous said...

are those last 2 sentences yours Chris?
i really like them.
either way.

Chris Sand said...

heck yeah, those sentences are mine. i was inspired.

Anonymous said...

well, on that note, i like them even more!
-the same anonymous