Monday, February 11, 2008

Shawn and I head out tomorrow morning, our trek having been postponed because of snow. That's cool, I like "down time." I wrote a Valentine to Grandma Herak, watched a couple Alicia Keys videos on YouTube, plunked around on an out-of-tune banjo, ate Mom's cranberry brownies, went to the post office, sent three CDs to Idaho, bought and installed a new car battery, and, last but not least, read Barack Obama's Call to Renewal speech on his Senate website. He's a good egg, I say.

Yes, Obama's a good egg. Hillary's a shiny apple. McCain's a tough nut. Huckabee's a southern ham. And Edwards & Romney are burnt toast (wheat & white, respectively).

POLITICS 2008: It's What's for Breakfast.

A couple days ago I bought two hi-tech gadgets in Dickinson: a Broadband Access modem for my computer and a cell phone signal amplifier kit. I also upgraded my Verizon calling plan to make it Broadband Access capable. Now my computer has Internet access wherever there are cell phone towers. This means I can take my laptop on the road with me and use it to check weather reports or emails or whatever. Also, my phone now gets good reception in Dunn County. Sweet.

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