Thursday, March 02, 2006

Please, dear God, open shop early this year, and give me a touch of spring. Cabin fever is good for the soul, but now, please . . . please. Give me an early spring.

I'm begging of you.


(Dear Lord Jesus . . . )



Bigg God Jesus said...

Patience, m'boy! (pat, pat, pat)

Bigg God Jesus said...

Patience, m'boy! (pat, pat, pat)

AnnieG said...

WOW! That totally worked here. Spokane was sunny, warm and happy today. The trees have the reddish blush of new buds and I saw a robin!

Anonymous said...

well, i'm praying with you brother. it's been gray for the better part of 6 months up here in B-ham. i'll let you know, though, when it smells like spring. we'll be ripe & ready for Sandman's return from the Black Hole!
(i just fired up the new cd...goddamn dude--i love you!)
fuckin' "Tiny Spy Camera"!!!

Amanda May said...

Hello Sandman, fairest in the land...
Thank you for the package fantastic! I had fun with the 50s sex ed lecture.

Spring is in the air my friend. The season's upon us and it's absolutely beautiful. Bet the Badlands are lovely this time o' year. Peace--

Anonymous said...

don't you miss the south this time of year? in tn the trees are budding and flowers are blooming. the grass is green and smells sweet. the bitter frost and hoped for snow of winter are a memory and dread of the suffocatingly heavy air of summer has not yet set in. these are the glory days.

ivee (*

Sandman said...

i do miss the south. a lot.

Anonymous said...

you should come for a visit then