Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The last week has been about buying used pillow cases, shirts, belts, cowboy boots, and random trinkets. Rappin' cowpunchers cannot live on CD sales alone, I've found. I've mainly been buying dozens of pillowcases in thrift stores across the NW and Montana. While I'm at it I tend to see other doodads that I can't help purchasing. I bought a few cassette tapes: The Clash (Combat Rock); Stevie Nicks' Greatest Hits; U2 (War); Van Halen (1984); Gil Scott-Heron's Greatest Hits; The Rolling Stones (Some Girls); Led Zeppelin IV; etc. I love tapes for their low price and small size. I also bought a gun holster for a .22 pistol, a Zorro hat, and a stack of old postcards.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with Grandma Herak again. She's been sifting through old pictures and newspaper clippings. She wants to compile a comprehensive scrapbook of Charlo history. She seemed slightly depressed, though, and was lamenting the loss of her muscle tone. She went so far as to say that she may not be around much longer--she doesn't want to be bedridden for years to come. I wish I could afford to get her a top-of-the-line physical therapist.

After eating supper with Grandma and her elderly posse, I met up with two old high school pals, Shane Andersen and Shane Shima. We watched Charlo play another varsity basketball game (Charlo lost this time). Then we went to Shane Andersen's ranch and drank clamato juice and beer and looked through old yearbooks. Shandersen is a crane operator now and has two kids. Shima runs Ronan Power Products and has three kids. It was a treat to see how good both these guys are doing in their lives. May we all grow old together.

After reminiscing w/ the Shanes, I drove 60 miles to Missoula and stayed at my Aunt Theresa and Uncle Dan's house. This morning Theresa filled Excalibur's tank up with green dinosaur wine, and off we trotted eastbound on the I-90.


Anonymous said...

Word Homey, it was great to see you on your tour through Portland. You were in the finest form ever! I loved it and was lost in a time warp between Oly/Portland, past/present/future. Bobbing along in the ethosphere (is that a word?). I'd love to read more about your life in Killdeer. What are your thoughts for the future there? Talk to ya later.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sandman, I just got time to check out your web page. First of all, Gregg and I have listened to your tapes endlessly and we have turned lots of folks onto your sound. I think you are just amazing and that someday you will be FAMOUS, FAMOUS, with gold lining your pockets! Not just underground famous as you are now and wonderfully touring the country. I created that attic space you spoke of long ago, we call it the Post Card Room. Bisbee looks forward to your return. You were the most refreshing new sound that I have heard live in Bisbee in truthfully 3 years! Bravo, and please come back again, good luck to you! Kate from Bisbee

Chris Sand said...

Obie, I'll talk more about my life in Killdeer/Dunn Center soon, but needless to say, I love it here and want this area to be my base forever.

Kate, thanks!!! Which CDs did you purchase, if I may ask?