Saturday, January 14, 2006

It was due. After a string of "smooth" shows, last night's gig in Santa Fe was rough. I blame it on the Albuquerque whiskey (it's pineapple juice from here on out.) The crowd was very forgiving, though.

Bill and I are now heading back to Albuquerque for an early morning photo shoot that was offered to us by a photographer named Emily.


Anonymous said...

He shuns all strong drink....

Anonymous said...

In particular, those which drag him to the brink....

Anonymous said...

well i don't have much to say about the strong drink except that our man Sand shuns the liquor more than any travelling troubadour that i know...other than the reformed alcoholics and christian rock bands. from my vantage point the few times i've heard of his indulgances were in the name of science. or the experience.
anyways, chris (and anyone else), if you're interested more in this topic you should check out Froseph's zine Twinkle Pig 3.5 "Bikes Not Cabs". Froseph is a friend of mine and Sandman's in Winona MN who shirks the label straight-edge as he surrounds himself in a culture that is deeply affected by alcohol. check out , click on the Discussion Forum and look for Twinkle Pig 3.5 heading. i know that he's interested in peoples' comments.

enough of that,
i heard a message on my 800# today from Chris hitchhiking in the desert back to Santa Fe. i thought that'd be newsworthy as he can't write about it now.

also, Chris the Return to the Blackhole CD got pumped last night at the Green Lantern and people who'd never heard it, or you, went NUTS. in my slight review i'll tell you this much:
the cover of Highwayman is incredible!
Olympia superstars taking the parts of Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Kris, i wish i would've thought of that.

the other cover which some loved and i dismissed outright was Pony. explain yourself...(i'm sure you'll justify it like you always do, but until i hear it from you i'd hafta say that one ranks down at the bottom).

well let's hope the crazies and vultures didn't get to you out in that ocean of sand. wishing you well,
lonesome shorty

Chris Sand said...

About the alcohol . . . it's bad for you. I remember now.

Chris Sand said...

about "pony"--yr trippin'.

Anonymous said...

about Pony...
i don't know the song that well, but i remember dismissing the original outright too. and it seemed like it was a pretty straight down the middle cover. perhaps if it was reworked as a cowboy poem i could see it's relevance. it sounds pretty pro from a production standpoint...and i'm cool with your forays into slick rnb (like "from behind" was). but Pony wasn't an original song, nor was it reworked to make it more interesting.
that being said, some people loved it.
and that being said, it sounds good.
and that being said, maybe maybe if it
was a secret track attributed to
Slippery or Pan i could laugh at it.

other opinions?

Anonymous said...

yo, quit talkin' bout it,
and ride that pony, y'all!!?!

i'll tell ya what, folks. if it's sex-talk yr lookin for, just hang with Sandpan for a spell.
it'll cure what ails ya.