Friday, May 06, 2005

Ate three bowls of ice cream.

Farmor's 85th birthday party was tonight at the Buckskin. "Farmor" is the Norwegian word meaning father's mother. "Farfar"= father's father. "Morfar"= mother's father, etc. "Jeg elsker deg"= I love you. My dad's siblings, and their spouses, cruised up from SoDak and Colorado for the event. I kicked off the evening with my new song "Farmor." One of the verses goes like this:

She's pretty as Medora, and tough as Teddy Roosevelt
When she walks by, all the cowboys they swoon and melt
The Sun gets jealous of her, that's what I said
'Cause all the sunflowers would rather follow her instead

At the end of the night I sang a couple more, and recited the poem "Jack Potter's Courtin'." It's groovy to do cowboy poetry in front of ranchers and ex-rodeo men. Dig?

Now I should sleep. Ice cream poisoning has taken grip, and my basal ganglia are freaking out!


Anonymous said...

Hey Chris,
It's your cousin jenny. I tried to post a comment, but I'm not sure if it went through. If not, I just wanted to say that I wish I could have been there with you to celebrate Grandma's birthday! I can't wait to hear the song....maybe at the reunion.
Love you,

Chris Sand said...

I love you too Jenny! See ya then...