Saturday, April 23, 2005

Yes--I've turned the bend! For the first time in years I see a different horizon. It glows a hazy orange crush with mallards on a reservoir and a few thousand antelope somewhere. Reminds me of Africa, though I've never been. I'm referring to Dunn County, ND.

The train ride here was, as always, semi-painful. I'm sick of sleeping on chairs, seats, floors, other people's beds. Jack and Liz had a nice bed, though. But now I'm home and it feels great! Mom just got a Sears push-mower that I assembled. We co-mowed the front lawn. No oil. No gas. Good excercise. Afterwards, I sprawled on the lawn and made a mental list of things I want: dental work, work boots, s.a.e. socket set, fishing pole, my own push mower. A horse. X-rays to find out which broken bones I've been living with for the last year. Pants. That oughta do it.

Someday I'll want a laptop and a good clutch for Joe (my '84 Subaru).

I'll certainly miss some things, though, from my past life. Like this morning, at 3:55 a.m. in Fargo where I stepped off the train and sold four cds to a guy named D, whom I hadn't met before. He paid $47. (He'd written an email a couple days before wanting to order some.) He woke my ass up at 3:40 a.m., via cellular powers, and we did the transaction in the two minutes while the train stopped.

Lifetimes to me span six to ten months. In the dead of winter I might be on the road again, touring. Maybe a migration pattern will take hold. Quiet dignity is my wished-for destiny.


Anonymous said...

tell us more about this $47/4CD trade?
with whom, where, etc.
i always try to conduct "business" of some sort when i travel, regardless of the time i spend somewhere.
the 3.40am phone call, and the 2 minute
time allotment, make this transaction seem especially romantic.
i'd like specifics. it sounds great.

Chris Sand said...

you caught me in the midst of bloggus interruptus. my dad beckoned me to the dinner table before i had the chance to flesh out details... now it's done, though.

Anonymous said...

make your next amtrak trip less semi-painful by sleeping horizontally:
1a. the sightseer lounge car (they'll
usually let you, and wake you when
they need to. no trouble.
2a. use the luggage rack above you
(make sure you choose a seat that
has a longer/unbroken section of
the rack above. there'll still be
a slight metal pad it
with a sweartshirt and use a
sleeping bag.)
thanks for choosing amtrak.
it's pretty much all you've got anyway.

Anonymous said...

Sandman, I read you journals on a daily bases, I've seen several of your shows and want to tell you what an inspiration you are. Your writings are so descriptive, as if those reading the entries were right there with you. Experiencing everything you are. I know this break from touring will be a much needed rest for your soul. Have you considered writing a book? You have an amazing life story to tell, each new journey you experience is one more chapter in the page of life. I wanted to say thanks for all you are and all you do to let others into your life through your songs & your entries. You have a charming and down to earth personality. You WILL make it big someday! You just need to believe that, (all your fans do) and enjoy the time you have now. Story telling, singing. It's what you were put on this earth to do and damn are you good at it!! We are all on a path in life that takes us in directions that we sometimes question. You know in your heart of hearts you are meant for big things, that is why you've traveled the country to tell your story. Bringing people of all different cultures together for the purpose of one thing...Your music. Which is your life story. You are such an inspiration!! Keep writing, it nourishes the soul. Thanks Sandman !! Best wishes to you on your new adventure. ~J

Chris Sand said...

gracias, anon. 2 for the train tips. anon. 3, thanks, also. i have thought of writing a book, but i'm not sure there'd be a big enough audience for it. i'm pretty obscure, still.