Sunday, April 17, 2005

Huge thanks to the people in Winona for your love last night, and also to those who've written me kind comments during the last week or so.

I'll work backwards. The two shows in Winona at the Green Lantern were amazing! Both sold out I think. The second one had a dozen or so folks out on the sidewalk, who couldn't get in, milling around the door and listening for the full two hours. I sold around $300 in merch which is the most that I've ever done, I think. On top of that, the door brought in a lot. Afterwards I swapped songs with the local anarchist rocker, Mike Bird, until 2:30 a.m. Then I drove back to Minneapolis and crawled into bed at 6:00 a.m. The drive back took a long time because I drove up Highway 61 which follows the Mississippi, and the fog was as thick as cat hair the whole way. In Red Wing I got Doolittle a chicken burrito. An allergic reaction followed; his eyes gooped up and he started barking like a pony.

Two nights ago I was treated to a Del McCoury Band concert by Jed Germond's family. Jed is Jack Norton's phenomenal fiddler/banjoist. Jack's new stand-up bassist, Liz Draper, was also there. To see photos of them go here. Jed wants to practice his pedal steel guitar with me sometime this week.

Three days ago I attended Jack and Liz's wedding. There were just five of us there. Jack and Liz have been together since high school and consider each other soul mates. Liz is a beautiful, light-brown skinned woman of Jamaican descent. Jack's a strapping big-hearted blond throw-back American folk treasure. In this post-post-modern era of the recovering-broken-hearted they stand tall and bright.


Anonymous said...

in addition to proving YOURSELF in winona, you also helped prove that the Green Lantern CAN do ticketed shows, people will pay $5 for more, people that haven't heard you or been to the Lantern will come away impressed, and on and on. it was also an incredibly busy day in winona, you were up against a lot of competition. all this being said, that night at the lantern went swimmingly.
so thanks for acknowledging us in your journal, and giving us love...but really, thank YOU for doing more than just playing 2 awesome shows.
a good time was had by all...the guy from france, the girl from indiana, the lacrossers, etc (they had no idea what they were getting themselves into, and they loved it)
hope to see you at a campfire.

Anonymous said...

loved the photos of you and Dr Mom! your quote from Ike has now been forwarded to a wide circle of LIB-erals and some not so.
having flashbacks of years and days gone by.
hugs and namaste, Chris! ...mitzi (often identified as "other")